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I SHOT 30 DOGS!!!!

Nothing like a shocking title line to keep readers interested! Ha! To clarify, I photographed 30 dogs and cats yesterday at a local shelter. This had to be a record for me, thanks to an awesome on-loan staff member. She ran, wrangled, cajoled and coaxed every one of those darling models for a day to pose, smile and flirt with the camera. This all went down at a local no-kill shelter in Waco, Fuzzy Friends Rescue. Every so often they let me bring all my blinking black boxes and photography paraphernalia and play with the pups and kitties. The goal of course is to get their sweet faces out there and adopted. Speaking of sweet faces, the photo today ladies and gentlemen, is one from yesterday's shoot, I give you - Button. She is beauty, she is grace, she is Miss United States! (Points if you get the reference). She and a bevy of puppies, kittens, doggos and diva cats are at the shelter just waiting for the perfect human to adopt. ADOPT don't shop friends!


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