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I get by with a little help from my friends...

In my humble experience, I'd venture to say that there are many shades of friendship. There are the masses that are beyond your bubble, the ones that you see at the store, chat a bit, ask about the kids, the new house, etc. Next level are friends inside the bubble. They have access to and exert some tangible influence on your world. You trust their restaurant and movie recommendations. Then there are the precious few that are right at the gritty core of your life. They know you. They know just how cranky you are in the morning. They know all the inside jokes and are privy to some of our less than desirable traits and love you anyways. These are the friends that clap for you when you are succeeding, lift you in your dark moments, heck, they even tolerate your morning crank. Then there are dogs. At the risk of being sappy and I really want to pour the whole gallon of syrup on this one, I'll just leave you with this: I aspire to be the friend my dog thinks I am.

Hutch, a sweet boy at Fuzzy Friends Rescue. He's got bestest friend written all over him!


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