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How do YOU define beauty? Is it a measure of physical attraction? A result strictly influenced by appearances, clothing or status? Are the parameters of how we perceive beauty based on what we have learned or have had crammed down our throats by marketing and advertising? I won’t bore you with the dictionary term, I find it pretty dry. It obviously has different meanings to different people. At my house, seeing that someone else has done the dishes and wiped the countertops is a beautiful thing. Being the reason a stranger blooms into a warm smile is a beautiful thing. Cake, chocolate cake, is a beautiful thing.

There’s that old adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This is true. Just look at fashion historically. Bell bottoms and polyester, neon colors and Aqua Net sculpted hair, baggy saggy pants juxtapositoned against everything patterned “yoga” pants. Also true is the warmer, fuzzier saying, “Beauty comes from within”. This is the truest statement and brings me to the point of this post. This little dog, Sassy, may not at first strike you as “beautiful”. But the aforementioned “Beauty comes from within” shines through in an enveloping and loving song. Her sweetness and vulnerability supersede any superficial measure. I have met her and did not judge her outward appearance but felt her radiating beauty through her deep soulful eyes and through her tiny heart beating through her tiny breast.

The bottom line is. Look with your heart for beauty. Your eyes can deceive you.

Sassy is beautiful.


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