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Sunday, April 16, 2017
By momo photography

Skies are blue, flowers are blooming, birds are tweeting and the sun is shining! Easter Sunday 2017 is a lovely reprieve from the harsh winter we have endured in the great state of Idaho. Here we  have our sweet man-pug, Scrambles, aka: Scram, who will do just about anything for a treat. He'll sit on a goofy suitcase with pastel flowers and backdrop as the humans make dorky sounds and wave around a tender morsel of dog treat all for the perfect shot. He's our resident "Good Boy", albeit the ONLY boy critter that resides with us, but we let him own that title. When he's not taking a puggy nap, he's bravely protecting us from that dreaded vacuum monster or a random neighbor passing by on the sidewalk. He also is doing his part to save the environment and waters every single tree, rock and blade of grass on his walks. Every one. Really. So whether Scram is saving us from certain doom or recycling water he wishes you and yours a beautiful and renewing springtime.