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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
By momo photography

Being in the business of pet photography, there are multiple opportunities to give back to help animals in need. Shelters, humane societies and rescues are always in need of help. I am privileged with the opportunity to work with a few local rescues in the Twin Falls area. I photograph dogs in foster care. This is the perfect fit for me and I sincerely believe it makes a difference when potential adopters are looking for new additions to their family. It thrills me when just days after the portraits are published they get adopted. I love happy endings! The sweetheart pictured in this blog post is still awaiting her forever home but I have a feeling it won't take long till she's in a permanent family forever!  

If you are looking for ways to give to animals in foster care and shelters, there are many other ways to plug in:

  • donate food
  • blankets or litter
  • ask your favorite veterinarian if there are any shelter or foster pets that need medication or funds for procedures
  • walk dogs or play with the cats at your local shelter
  • cash is always accepted.

Usually shelters and rescues will have some sort of on-line presence that has a wish list and a button to "donate now". Nothing is too small or unappreciated. Even simply re-posting images of lost and found pets on your social media pages can be a recipe for instant hero! 

Your kindness may seem not that important to you, but could mean the world to another... and it feels good!