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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
By momo photography

Photographing pets outside is natural. Most dogs and cats love being outside. Capturing images of their expressions and personality there is a breeze. The kicker is to keep them safe. 

Many pet owners would rather have a local park or other open space as the backdrop for their pets photo. There are trees and landscaping that provide the perfect framing for the perfect image. Sometimes backyards are just not conducive to that.

When I photograph a pet in a public or open place, there is never a moment when the subject is not on leash. So many distractions could take a fun photo shoot to a tragedy. ----> Enter the magic of Photoshop. The images included in this blog are an example of how this is accomplished. Both dogs were on leash for the whole shoot. The owners had the leashes and were just a few feet away. Later, as I process the images I removed the leashes, creating an image that focuses on the subjects. The end result is an uncluttered and happy memory.