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About Us

I am Joy Pruitt, owner and photographer for Momo Photography. I specialize in commercial, pet and real estate photography in the Waco Texas area. 

I am a mom to three mostly grown humans,three dogs, three cats and two fish. I love all critters including some most folks wince at. Pet photography is my most favorite calling and try my darndest to capture their personality and attitude. 

I also am a firm believer in promoting a professional image and encourage everyone to have a professional portrait taken at least every two years. Business owners or people in the sales and service industry truly need a quality, recent image for all things internet and promotions. It's a stretch for me to take anyone seriously with a "selfie" as their professional image.  

The image of me you are looking at right now --------->

was taken by my good friend and mentor, Jim Fort of Addison Photography in Twin Falls. I practice what I preach! Thanks for the great image Jim! 

I am often asked what "Momo" means. While many families have names like "Grandma", "Granny", and "Mimi", this is what my family calls my grandmother. She is my most favorite human on the planet. Coming in at four feet, ten inches of dynamite, she has loved and spoiled our family, especially yours truly. Anyone who meets her comes away with a full tummy, happy heart and claiming her as their "Momo" too. She turned 90 this year and is still going strong. I have named my business after her to honor her and to remind myself what a positive impact she has made on my world.  


Thank YOU for reading my ramblings and appreciate you dropping by. Call me if you have any photographic needs, call me if you want to grab coffee. I love doing both!